Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A trip to Aquaria

Salam and Hello to everyone.

The Mentari Project is planning to have a trip to Aquaria for the kids and inviting everyone to come and join in.  We plan to have the trip on the 14th of November 2009 (Saturday) since all of the kid's exams will be finished and before their school holidays starts. Usually the kids will be going of to their respective Kampungs during their holidays. 

For those who are unfamiliar to Aquaria, it is a world class next-generation commercial aquarium situated in KLCC Convention Center (as said in the brochure). It houses many aquatic and land-bound creatures, it is highly interactive and educational, and also conducts feeding sessions where the kids will get to see them feed the sharks and other animals.  

Basic details:

The tickets will be paid for by us and all we need are volunteers to guide and keep the kids safe during the trip. Tentatively, we will bring about 30 kids to the trip therefore would need at least 8-10 volunteers (the more the merrier). The food will be taken care of by Dayana from CIMB and we will sort the transportation for the kids. We will use the buddy system and have 2 volunteers for a each group of 4-6 kids. We will also prepare a question paper for each kid to solve based on what they will see and learn in Aquaria.

We will like have the final tally of the number of participants by the middle of next week. Anyone who are free and would like to join us just confirm through email or call me at 017-6362047 (Yasir). Hope to hear from all of you soon. 

Warm regards, 


nini said...

im in ...pls let me know what should i do....

name : marini kamal
email :

Mentari Project said...

Hi Marini,

Thanks for volunteering, hope you received my email about the trip. Hope to see you there.


Please give us your thoughts on how the sessions went- ideas on how to improve, what you gained after your session, your views on the children and any thoughts you want to share.